Sitecore is the world’s leading .NET Content Management System, according to both Gartner and Forrester.

But there’s a lot more to Sitecore than just an award-winning CMS. With Sitecore, you can manage content. You can also test, optimize, personalize, and automate your content — allowing you to deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time. Plus, Sitecore connects, collects, and analyzes all of your customer’s interaction data, both online and offline, helping your team make sense and make use of all your data.

Sitecore gives you all the customer insight you need, all in one place for your team to leverage as you see fit. For your customers, Sitecore gives them what they want to see, before they even know they want to see it.

How Do I Know If I Need Sitecore?

So you’re thinking that your old CMS just isn’t cutting it anymore. Your company needs a lot more than a simple brochure site.

You know you need Sitecore if you have a few of the following requirements:

  • You have multiple brands, or numerous websites and landing pages, and you need one CMS platform that allows you to manage all of your domains.
  • You need a CMS that enables economies of scale by eliminating redundant hosting, training, and maintenance costs, and consolidating vendor relationships.
  • You need a CMS that allows you to leverage reusable layouts, modules, and content across all (or some) of your sites, like a featured news module, privacy policy, or universal footer.
  • Your CMS should minimize technical debt and ease maintenance by using a common codebase for all of your websites.
  • You need a platform that enables innovation, by making it easy to integrate APIs and all of your third-party systems such as CRM, marketing automation, A/B testing, e-commerce, PIM, DAM, and more.
  • You want a platform that helps you nurture customer relationships by personalizing content and recommendations in real-time, based on their click behavior or geo-location.
  • You need a platform that enables you to engage your audience in multiple languages, across different channels and devices.
  • You want to localize content with country-specific photography and currency.
  • You’re in a heavily regulated industry and you need a platform that enables you to follow information security best practices and comply with federal and state accessibility and data privacy laws such as ADA, GDPR, CCPA, PCI, and HIPAA.
  • You want to maintain corporate brand standards across all of your pages and sites, and you need a platform that allows you to enforce strict governance over content styling.
  • You have numerous content editors across several sites or brands, and you need a permissioning system that allows you to restrict content editors to certain sites, sections, or editing capabilities.
  • You publish content that needs to be reviewed and approved by managers or legal counsel before it is published, and you need a platform with robust workflow capabilities.
  • You need (or you’d prefer) a .NET CMS.

Sitecore does all of that, and more