A Brief Guide To Understanding Avatars In The Metaverse And Legal Implications

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3 min readJul 19, 2022

The revolutionizing future of the internet is here! Not long ago, connecting virtually through smart devices seemed a far-fetched idea, but today, it’s just another reality that the world lives in. Well, the innovative progress doesn’t stop here!

Today, conducting virtual meets, gatherings, games, etc., is not just a task of clicking and tapping the mouse buttons but much more. Further adding to the list of internet innovations are Metaverse and Metaverse avatars. If these terms are unheard of to you, you are at the right place to explore more of these concepts. Stay tuned to learn more!

Metaverse: What’s all the hype about it?

Facebook, now renamed Meta, is conceptualizing Metaverse, and this is where the future of the internet beholds. Metaverse is a portrayal of a 3D universe available online that combines multiple virtual words. It won’t be wrong to call it a future internet iteration.

In further simpler terms, Metaverse is a visualization of virtual 3D worlds analogous to the website on the internet. It can give the user a real-time 3D experience with the help of some extra set of hardware systems that enable the user to feel and touch things in the Metaverse.

Avatars: What is so special about them in Metaverse?

An Avatar is a visual representation of the user. If you have been using the internet and social media platforms for quite a while, you might have witnessed a 2D or 3D model of yourself as a profile icon created through your photos or custom creation options. To put it simply and sum it up, Avatar is an online representation of the user.

Now when you are thorough with the concept of Avatar, understanding Avatars in the Metaverse is no big deal. The principle of creation of online Avatar and Metaverse Avatars is all the same. An Avatar in the Metaverse represents the user’s identity throughout the virtual universe.

The user can use the same Avatar across the virtual universe and create it to the extent of their heart. The only difference between online Avatar and Metaverse Avatar is the flexibility. Metaverse Avatars provide a cross-through experience in the Metaverse and are completely realistic, acting as an identity of the user.

Metaverse Avatars’ legal implications

Virtual reality enriches connectivity and interaction that creates an ultimate immersive experience. But, as every good thing has some downfalls, the same is true with the Avatar Metaverse. Some legal issues abruptly arise with the Metaverse, which is where this article passes some light.

Ethical Issues

The increase in the use of virtual people in real life is harnessing real-life social connections. It develops an emotional connection between virtual people and the real ones creating a series of ethical risks. Virtual reality is affecting people’s spiritual and psychological state, changing their behavior and methods in the real world and creating a risk of violent tendencies.

Criminal Issues

The change in psychological behavior of the people creates a strong sense of unease and discomfort, diverting them to crimes like intentional homicide, intentional injury, rape, and forced indecency require the object of the crime to be a natural person. The Metaverse Avatars are theoretically immortal and thus do not have a real life.

Witnessing the existing provisions, a virtual avatar can’t constitute the aforementioned crimes. It raises enormous concerns about criminal issues without finding anyone guilty to punish.

Inheritance Issues

In Metaverse, the virtual Avatars in Metaverse become people’s identity in the virtual world. When a natural person dies in the real world, its corresponding virtual identity gives rise to the inheritance of virtual property. According to article 1122, “the heritage is a natural person’s legalized and personalized property.” And thus, when a natural person dies who has a virtual identity, the corresponding digital assets in the Metaverse can be inherited following the Civil Code.

Parting Words

The interconnected virtual spaces have drawbacks along with benefits. Multiple visions are competing on the concept of Metaverses, and thus it gives rise to competing Metaverses. Despite all the barriers, the market for Metaverse investment is becoming powerful with each passing day.

However, it’s essential to resolve all the Metaverse Avatars’ legal implications in the best possible ways. Soon there will be a time when these issues will be addressed, making the Metaverse universe a much stronger place.